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UiPath is a global software company that develops a platform for robotic process automation (RPA or RPAAI).Following its acquisition of both ProcessGold and StepShot in 2019, UiPath has become the first vendor of scale to bring together both process mining and robotic process automation. According to research and advisory firm Gartner, the combination of RPA with process mining, AI, machine lea...

As in other tools UiPath's OCR and its applications are limited and few effective. The templates are useful but little applicable due to the diversity of utility and sometimes it freezes when it's being used!

Some employees are not happy with the sudden growth of the company UiPath saying that they are stingy with options & benefits. It's a young company making errors and adjusting internal processes change (including sales plans). Lots of inexperience in senior HQ positions makes for some interesting decisions. The leadership tend to drone during all hands calls, at all levels, rather than planning the message and delivering it succinctly. Relying on individuals self discipline to prevent burnout is not a recipe for success.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Terrible, terrible upper management. Specifically America’s Sales Management. CEO is completely out of his depth and needs to realize this soon."

Current Employee - N/A says

"UiPath talks a big game but doesn't deliver. The RPA hoax is on a downward trend, sure you can still do well under some circumstances but RPA isn't much more than what it is is... The company is still scrambling to stabilize things and they just don't hire the correct people to be in leadership positions. They are run by internal politics and favorites."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"I am writing this because I am just one piece of the "trimmed fat" and "baggage" that some of the current UiPath employees write about in their reviews. After reading quotes from UiPath's leadership team on how they made the "right move" three months after the company axed 400 employees, I knew now was the time to speak up. At best, this company’s leadership could be considered greedy, sleazy and tactless. Just scroll through all of the negative reviews published from current and axed employees (and get a nice chuckle from the fake “booster” positive reviews.) As you can read in many respectable tech publications, the company overhyped the RPA market and tried to mislead customers into believing the technology was much more advanced and valuable than it actually was. Unfortunately, customers weren’t buying it, and neither did the press and key thought leaders. The company hired hundreds of employees in the course of the year to get the self proclaimed “rocket-ship” off the ground, They then callously laid them off that same year after the employees’ “scrappiness” was no longer needed. The kicker is the company then claimed it was just part of their overall “strategy” to save face from their poor performance. Maybe it was their strategy but if that’s true, how awful. It’s worth mentioning that most of these layoffs occurred in the US where employees were handed one month's severance, and told this was a generous offering. Most of these employees, including myself worked around the clock, sacrificing precious time with family to help the company achieve their mission which they clam in their on-boarding deck is more valuable than your personal needs. They continuously preached that “work/life immersion” was necessary in order to work at UiPath, and working less than 12 hours a day was unacceptable. I keep in touch with many of my colleagues that still work there, and people are leaving in mass or in the process of their exit strategy. To add color to UiPath's perspective on the layoffs, you only need to read how they respond to media inquiries; Recent quote and article from a senior leader to a business tech pub on the layoff of 400 employees; "It was just a natural part of that evolution that you needed to get rid of that baggage. The step was taken to weed out employees who were good for the "scrappy" startup mode but not ideal for scaling the business," Shockingly, this interview was aimed to redeem UiPath from their poor financial and unethical decisions. Do you think these employees were continuously "scrappy" because they wanted to work non-stop with little resources and personal time? Did these employees leave Fortune 500 companies knowing that in the next 5-12 months they were going to slave their life away to UiPath, be ready to travel anywhere on the drop of a dime with little to no extended notice, and have their hard earned bonuses revoked, then laid off. That's what UiPath believes to be true. After all, we're just baggage."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Leadership from CEO down to VP are the worst, most corrupt individuals with no conscience whatsoever."

Former Employee - Sales says

"The company was headed in the right direction until greed and egos got in the way. What was once a great place to work, became a heartless, stressful, frustrating, micro-managed nightmare. With some success under their belts Management quickly forgot about their mantra “be humble”. Greed, Greed and more Greed was the new driver on this bus. Lots of good, smart, loyal, hard-working people have left in the past several months. Myself among them. It’s unfortunate and very sad."


"CEO with messiah complex and "yes men" micro managers from EMC, VMware and similar have ruined the company. What used to be an exciting place to work has now become a toxic miserable culture of brown nosers who add no value."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"So if you don't drink the "kool-aid" you are bound to get let go at some point. Beware of Romainia vs America mentality. Title and compensation numbers will change on date of hire leaving you no choice but to accept if you dare. To many mind games, unlimited PTO but dare if you take it, if you do, you will find yourself fired/replaced on your return by your manager.. Trust no one including HR. They are very good at protecting their own. Not worth the risk for a quick buck to work here. They promote from the outside. You could have 4 different bosses within 1 year."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Where to start....have been over a year, and have never seen a place go downhill as fast as UiPath! C-Level is a mess. Constant turnover, infighting, directionless, mismanagement, no respect for employees, not work/like balance. Company espouses humbleness, but is clueless as to what that means. How could it go so wrong? Used to be a good place, where people actually liked to work. After the Oct. mass layoffs, which were completely unjustified, the company has continued on the same trajectory - not learning from its mistakes. Many great people at all levels are gone, and senior management has remained. Let's not forget the constant power struggle between US and Romania....we all know the Romanians are favored....just sad!"

Former Employee - Sales says

"The worst leadership team that has ever been assembled"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Don't you love it when you can tell a company is requesting -- ahem, pushing -- employees to leave overly sanguine reviews, particularly following some form of bad press? Must be the company's communist roots at play. Where to begin here... UiPath is a company that has the financial backing of some of the world's most respected VCs, and yet...somehow...some way...got away with spending money hand over fist in ways that at pretty much ANY other company, would be incredibly frowned upon. Same goes for how the company made the decision to go on what Daniel called a "blitz hiring" spree. If by "blitz" he means brainless, then he's absolutely right. The layoffs certainly could have been mitigated, if not avoided entirely, had it not been for such imprudent, incompetent financial and managerial oversight. Shame on the board and shame on the "leadership" for letting this happen. Daniel Dines is a phony. For all of his "humility" talk, I have never in my life seen such an arrogant approach to laying off employees. Guess you've gotta keep those $200 steak dinners and private jets going, right? Priorities first. UiPath WILL be another WeWork and WILL see its valuation go down and WILL be a business school case study of how NOT to scale and how NOT to treat your employees. I advise anyone looking at a job at UiPath to think twice before joining a place with leadership as opaque, disingenuous, and frankly, incompetent, as what they currently have. Read the news on what happened behind the scenes before you drink the kool-aid."

Commercial Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"The CEO is a technical leader and while the product is very strong, the overall organization lacks direction. A prime example of this would be the 400 people they just laid off."

PreSales (Current Employee) says

"UiPath promises a great culture...but like everything they promise, it's just lies. It is a very cut-throat place. The credit for anything you do will go to the first person who can tell management they did it. Beware the bait and switch on your job, too. You'll be promised a lot in interviews and have a very terrible job as a result. Any hard work you do will be forgotten 5 seconds later.Free lunches, EquinoxVery political, very cut-throat"

Director of Customer Success Global Training (Former Employee) says

"Exapanded to fast in US, unable to sustain workforce in the face of declining revenue. Over-hired in 2018, which resulted in massive layoffs in 2019. Do not recommend."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"high pay an no project management. showed uyp at cleint and had no idea what my job was till I got there. No help with accommodations. Contractors are not managed."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Stay away from UiPath if in Europe and if you prefer a safe job with fair management. Also, avoid the sales team at all costs. The culture over there is toxic to say the least with poor managers, daily direct or implied threats and a complete and sinister lack of transparency. To give you an idea of what I mean by that: sales people were never told what exactly was their target, nothing ever got sent in written form and the management never respected any agreement that they are bamboozling people to join in. Unhealthy competition is the norm and it is actually praised and fostered by management. One can get fired for no reason at all. Coming in with your hair combed in the wrong direction can get you fired in no time. Money falls from the sky at UiPath (for the moment at least) and unfortunately the company is filled with people willing to sell their moms in order to get a piece of the pie. You will keep reading and hearing them talk about their "culture" and "humbleness". Empty buzz words: they are quite arrogant, semi-ethical and the culture is actually a rotten dictatorship. Chief People Officer - an absolutely useless bloke, that is more concerned about his own advancement and being a serf for the most insidious managers in the company. Does nothing at all for employees. There are some teams that are ok, to be sure. They have nice benefits and they pay quite well, the product is fairly good, but with serious limitations (not at all something miraculous like they present it). This is not at all what is seems to be a first glance."

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